The Tone of Beautiful Japan – Kotsuzumi Drum Experience Course (6 lessons)

2010.04.13 (Tue)   Place: Chuo Kominkan Citizen’s Hall (Atago, Morioka)

A course where you can experience the fascinating kotsuzumi drum up close.

Teacher: Masao Abe

Mr. Abe will talk about the kotsuzumi, explaining the basics of posture and the proper way to strike the drum. The drums used in the course have a well-worn drumhead skin that has been used for around 100-200 years, along with a body made from the wood of cherry blossom trees that has been handed down since the Edo period.

Songs: “Kurodabushi” (a Min’yo or folksong), “Sanosa” (a Hauta or short love song), and “Shojo” (a Nogaku or Noh play)

Dates: April 13 and 27, May 11 and 25, June 8 and 22 (Tuesday: 6 lessons in all)
Attendance Limit: 12 people (more than 3 people are needed to hold the course)
Fee: ¥6,000

While attending the course, please remove articles such as wristwatches and rings. Long fingernails may tear the skin of the drum so please trim them before participating.

Mr. Masao Abe TEL: 019-623-0809
(Mornings 7:00-10:00, Afternoons 17:00-20:00)