International Understanding Workshop – “The International Value of The Legends of Tono”

Organizer: Tono International Association

2010.06.21 (Mon)   June 21, 2010 (Monday) Location: Aeria Tono

If we look at the Legends of Tono from another culture’s perspective
maybe there is something more we can find!
We will hear about the international value of the Legends of Tono from
its English translator Ronald A Morse.

□ Date: June 21, 2010 (Monday)
      English Course 15:00~16:30
      Japanese Course 18:00~19:30
□ Location: Aeria Tono – Kobushi (Tono, Shinmachi 1-10)
□ Fee: Free
□ Participation Limit: English/Japanese Course – 30 people each
□ □ Reservation deadline: June 18 (Friday)

■ Reservation Contact
  Tono International Association
  Tono Shinmachi 1-10 Tono Citizens’ Center
  Societal Education Division, Lifelong Learning Section
  TEL 0198-62-4413(ext. 273)
  FAX 0198-62-3302