Experience and Enjoy Communication Introductory Workshop for Training Educators in International Understanding Education

Organizer: Iwate Association for International Understanding Education Research

2010.08.28 (Sat)   Location: Iwate-san House for Youth Exchange

Experience communication games you can use in the classroom
or in the workplace.

The first step towards international understanding begins with
communication.  The goal of this workshop is to provide an enjoyable
training session with communication as its focus.

Do you have an interest in international understanding,
education, or communication?
If you do, we encourage you to take part in this workshop.

□ Date:August 28 (Saturday) 14:00
  - August 29 (Sunday) 11:30
□ Reception:Opens August 28 (Saturday) 13:30
□ Location:Iwate Aoyama House for Youth Exchange
□ Fee:3000yen (Lodging, 2 meals included)
□ Participant limit:20 people
   (available to first 20 in order of registration)
□ Registration:Fill in a registration form and submit by fax,
 or provide the appropriate information in the
 body of an email andsend to the address below
□ Registration Deadline:July 9, 2010 (Friday)

【August 28】
13:30 Reception 
14:00~14:45 Session 1: Communication with Edo Manners
15:00~16:30 Session 2: Communication with Stories
  – “The Dog Who Could Not Bark”
17:00~19:00 Dinner/ Break
19:00~19:45 Session 3: Communication with Plays
  – “Taking Attendance”
20:00~21:00 Social
【August 29】
7:30~8:30 Breakfast / Cleaning
9:00~9:45 Session 4: Communication with Games
  – “Project Adventure”
10:00~10:45 Reflection
11:00~11:30 Closing

□ Application / Required Information
 Name in katakana:
 Email address:
 Telephone number:
 Do you need to be picked up?:
   No  Yes (From Morioka Station / Takizawa Station)

■ Applications / Inquiries
  Iwate University International Exchange Center Onaka Research Room
  TEL&FAX 019-621-6869
  Email iwatekokusairikai@gmail.com