Philippines Business Seminar “Economy and Parts Industry in the Philippines Today”


2013.10.23 (Wed)   14:00 to 16:00 /Place: Kitakami Core Technology Support Center

Local staff and coordinators from the JETRO office in Manilla will give a current general overview of the Philippines as well as talk about the movement toward parts industry development in the Philippines.
In the morning of the 23rd, we will also hold individual consultations for medium to small size businesses considering export to the Philippines or local production to the Philippines. (Reservation required, up to three businesses on a first come first served basis.)

◇Time : October 23rd (Wed) 2013, 14:00 to 16:00 (Venue opens starting at 13:30)
◇Venue : Kitakami Core Technology Support Center, Training and Conference Room
       2-35 Yamada Aisari-cho Kitakami TEL:0197-71-2181
◇Lecturers : Chief of JETRO Manilla Office, Mr. Daisuke Tsukao
       Machine and Parts Coordinator Mr. Shouzou Suzuki
◇Cost : Free.
◇Number of participants : Up to 30 people. (We will stop taking applications after 30 people)

◇Application deadline : October 18th (Fri), 2013

JETRO Morioka Trade Information Center (Contact: Akazawa、Yoshida)
TEL:019-651-2359 FAX:019-622-1695