17th Transcultural Psychiatry Workshop

Office: Hippo Mental Clinic

2012.09.01 (Sat)   / Place: Yamagata Terusa (1-2-3 Futaba-cho, Yamagata City)

【Theme】 Body・Mind・Language

◆Place : Yamagata Terusa (1-2-3 Futaba-cho, Yamagata City, TEL:023-646-6677)
◆Time :
10:00~12:00 Symposium "Body and Mind (Activities for mental and emotional therapy)
12:00~13:00 Luncheon Seminar "Mental Health Preventative Measures" (Tentative Title)
13:00~14:00 Keynote Address "Discovering the Mind through the Body" (Tentative Title)
14:00~17:00 Afternoon Symposium "The Mind and Language" (Why Truancy Must Be Stopped)

◆Attendance Fee : 2,000¥ prior registration, 3,000¥ day-of registration (Attendees cannot register for only the luncheon seminar)

For more information, please visit the Japanese Society of Transcultural Psychiatry homepage at http://www.jstp.net/.

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