International Understanding Workshop "We Are All Friends! - part2"

Host : Iwate International Association

2012.03.20 (Tue)   14:00~16:00  / Place: Group Activities Room 2, 6F Aiina

Come and experience two of the multicultural symbiosis teaching materials from the Iwate International Understanding Handbook “We Are All Friends”- part2 (to be published March 2012)
What is needed to live together, mutually understanding each others culture, customs and way of thinking, and supporting regional communities, regardless of nationality or ethnicity?
Let’s think about it together through participative learning.

Teaching Material (1) Here comes a “Gaijin”!

A lot of unemployed people from country Z have just moved in to an apartment block in town A. After a while, the head of the residents’ association starts getting complaints. Just who are they from? The locals or the people from country Z?

Teaching Material (2)Diego’s Story~A student from overseas

Diego has come to a Japanese elementary school from country Z. How are his classmates? How about his teacher? What happens next is introduced in a comic. Let’s make the story and the lines together!

※When applying, please let us know if you are interested in participating in teaching materials 1, 2 or both.

□ Date and Time : Tue, 20th March (Public Holiday) 14:00~16:00
□ Place : Group Activities Room 2, 6F Aiina
□ For : Anyone over high school age   
□ Limited to : 30people/session  
□ Fee : FREE
※A multilingual supporter will be providing interpretation, so don’t worry about your Japanese ability. Please come along!

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