Class on Korea for Children (Mugunghwa School)

Host: Sendai Korea Education Institute, Morioka Learn Hangul Association

2012.05.12 (Sat)   ~November 17th (Saturday) / Place: Aiina 8th Floor Conference Room

It is often the case that children in Japan whose parent or parents are Korean, do not have the chance to learn about their native Korea.

The Sendai Korea Education Institute (an organization for Korean ethnic education) has further integrated the project for child education, opening the new Mugunghwa School in Morioka.

Children can learn about Korea in fun ways such as music, games, dance, and drawing pictures.

□ Target group: Infants / Primary school age children (may be accompanied by parents)

  1.  Korean Nationality
  2.  One or more parents is Korean
  3.  Those who will be living in Korea for a long period of time
  4.  Non-Koreans with an interest in Korea are also welcome

  • □ Time / Place: Aiina 8th Floor Conference Room a.m. 10:00~11:30

    The class date schedule is listed below. There are a total of 10 classes.
     Date  Conference Room #  Date  Conference Room # 
     ①May 12   〔805〕  ⑥September 1   〔805〕 
     ②May 19   〔802〕  ⑦September 15   〔805〕 
     ③June 2   〔805〕  ⑧October 6   〔808〕 
     ④June 16   〔808〕  ⑨October 20   〔808〕 
     ⑤July 7   〔808〕  ⑩November 17   〔802〕 
    Summer Camp and lectures are also being planned. Registration during the course term is possible, and it is not required to attend all classes.

    ※ For more details, please visit the Mugunghwa School website.

    □ Instructors: Nare Kim, Yeram Yi

    □ Course Fee: 3,000yen for a total of 12 classes

    ■ Registration / Contact: 
      Suigen 090-2955-8139 (correspondence in Korean also available)~

    ■ Email: japan-korea@cyworld.com