The Nuclear Accident - Learning with Fukushima's Women ~Aiming for a safe society~

Organizer : Iwate Center for Gender Equality, Iwate Environmental Studies Center

2012.02.04 (Sat)   13:30~15:00  / Place : Group Activities Room 1, 6F Aiina

In Iwate, we are working towards anti-radiation measures aimed at securing the safety of the people of Iwate. In this talk we will be asking to hear the accounts of some women who live in Fukushima, and we can all think about the incident and the future together.

□ Date and Time : 4th February 2012 (Sat) 13:30~15:00
□ Place : Group Activities Room 1, 6F Aiina
□ Program : Talk - Living in a Radioactive Contaminated East Japan
 ~Now, what we want to convey from Fukushima~
 Speaker Ayako Oga
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