Looking at Japan through a Comparison of Japan, Korea and China

Organizer : The China Iwate Association

2012.03.03 (Sat)   14:00~15:30  /Venue : Group Activities Room, 6F Aiina

Supported by Iwate  International Association

In all three countries, Japan, Korea and China, rice is the staple food, and all three countries also use chopsticks.
However, a big difference can be seen in the shape and use of the chopsticks as a result of the differences in history and culture of each country.
Why are they different? As we aim for a multicultural society, we hope that by finding the similarities and differences in this example that is so familiar to us all, we can deepen our understanding of East Asia.
We will hold this lecture and round-table talk between Iwate's intellect and Jin Wenxue, who knows all there is to know about the comparitive cultures between Japan, Korea and China, as a contribution to international exchange and the promotion of a multicultural society.

□ Date and Time : 3rd March, 2012 (Sat) 14:00~15:30
□ Place : Group Activities Room, 6F Aiina
□ Conducted in : Japanese
□ No. of Places Available : 80 (first in, first served)
□ Fee : FREE

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