Iwate International Association original character name wanted!

Organized by: Iwate International Association

Iwate International Association has created an original character to commemorate the 30th anniversary of its founding.
Now, We are looking for the name of the original character, so please send us your request.

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●Requirement details:Original character name proposal(One recruitment per person)

●Application deadline:Applications must arrive no later than Oct 15(Tue)17:00

●How to apply:Please send the following information to the following address by standard postcard, e-mail or fax.
① Original character name proposal ② Reason for the name ③ Applicant's name, postal code, address and phone number

●Inquiries: Iwate International Association
Aiina 5F, International Exchange Center
Morioka ekinishidori 1-7-1, Morioka Iwate 020-0045
TEL:019-654-8900 FAX:019-654-8922

●How to determine the name:Three proposals will be selected within the association from the names that have been submitted.
Then, The name with the most votes from the visitors at the One World Festa event held on November 4th will determine the winner.

●About the prize:The applicants from the determined name will receive the original character's goods.

■Things to keep in mind:

①All rights such as the copyright, use rights, etc. of the name belongs to Iwate International Association.
②Personal information obtained from applicants will not be used for any other purpose.
③The name and address(prefecture and municipality only) of the applicant of the determined name will be announced.