English Interpreting Course

Host:Morioka International Association Co-organized by:Morioka

2018.02.01 (Thu)   2018 February 1、8、15、22、March 1、8 Avenue:Plaza odette(1,2Meeting Room)

From professional translator, tutoring based on real experience.
Nurturing with themes of regional culture such as medical, sports,
from sister-town of Moroka by basic translation skills and knowledge.
・As study materials,digital devices such as PC,smartphones and media
player is required to play media files or CD.
・A part of the lecture`s content is repeated each day.

◇Date:2018 February 1、8、15、22、March 1、8
    All 6 round in Thursday 18:30~20:00

◇Avenue:Plaza odette(1,2Meeting Room)(Nakanobashi 1-chome1-10)
◇Lecturer:Yamako Uemura(Interpreter、Translator、Inter-school Sendai Lecturer)
◇Fee:Member 2000yen、Regular 3000yen


Fill the Double postal card(1 for each person)with
(「Hope to join English Interpreting Course 」、
Address・Name(furigana)・Age・Phone no・Gender) and、
register at Morioka International Association before January 12.

Morioka International Association
020-8530 Morioka Maruuchi12-2
Morioka City Citizens Collaboration Promotion Division Cultural International Room
E-MAIL:info(●)mira-morioka.com(Convert● to @)