Oversea home stay for middle/high schooler

Host:Support Our Kids committees

2018.03.26 (Mon)   Due date

Have the ideal of "The responsibility to rebuild Touhoku"
Support Our Kids will set the stage overseas.
Along with all the people in foreign embassy that gives us a hand during disaster.
We will be able to send our student from Touhoku area to experience overseas home stay.
"Will Touhoku area get better?"
"Is our future laminated by the light of hope? "
We will not wait for that to happen, we create our hope by our own hand!
Along with our comrades, lets think, lets move. For a brighter future.
Right now, this is the beginning.
The 8th Support Our Kids oversea home stay is recruiting.

◇Register Period:2018 February 1(Thurs)~ March 26(Mon)(Must reach at our Support Our Kids office) 

【For more information】

Support Our Kids management (Kawahara / Mt. Oyama)
e-mail:sok(●) change ●to@)