International Exchange and Cooperation - Multilingual Support

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Calling all non-Japanese people...we can help you with that!

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At the International Association, we can introduce you to foreign language speakers who can help with problems in your daily life.
If you're facing any of the following issues, just let us know.

◆Support after natural disasters!

In the event of an earthquake, tsunami or flood, we'll provide information in various languages.

◆Support at the hospital!

We'll send an interpreter to help with the paperwork and diagnosis.
We can also introduce you to people who will interpret for you in other situations, such as a child's check-up at a health centre.

◆Support when your child enters school!

We'll introduce you to an interpreter who can help explain the various rules and events involved.

◆Support with your paperwork!

We'll introduce you to interpreters or translators who can help with renewing your driving licence, or other administrative procedures.


Please submit the following information by email or telephone.
・Preferred language
・Telephone number (or email address, if you don't have a phone)
・Details of the support you require
・The date and time you require support

■Other requests

・The person making the request must cover the supporter's transportation costs. Your cooperation is appreciated.
・Once you know the date that you require support, please make an application as soon as possible.

Iwate International Association
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Aiina 5F International Exchange Center compound
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