2011 Multilingual Supporter Workshop -Interpretation Training (for Foreign Multilingual Supporters)

Organizer: Iwate International Association

2012.01.14 (Sat)   etc.  / Place : Aiina

This is a workshop for ‘Foreign Multilingual Supporters’ who provide assistance for newcomer foreigners to Iwate.
Foreign Supporters provide advice on everyday life based on their own experiences as foreigners in Iwate. In order to do this, they must acquire knowledge and information regarding various systems essential to everyday life (immigration, tax, health insurance, etc.) and learn to effectively communicate this information. They also form a mobile network of supporters who can respond in times of disaster by providing interpretation and translation at evacuation centers and to confirm the safety of foreign residents.

□ Date : 14th January 2012 (Sat), 13:00-15:00
       21st January 2012 (Sat), 13:00-15:00
       29th January 2012 (Sun), 13:00-15:00
       4th February 2012 (Sat), 13:00-15:00
       18th February 2012 (Sat), 13:00-15:00
□ Place : Aiina (Morioka-eki-nishi-dori 1-7-1, Morioka, Iwate) 【MAP】
□ Target Audience : ・Foreign residents with a Japanese ability equivalent to JLPT N1-2
 ・Those who will actively help with support activities for foreigners, including in times of disaster
□ Limit : approx. 15
□ Fee : FREE 

□ Schedule and Workshop Outline:

(1) Disaster Prevention and Response
    Speaker: Kenji Ishii -Assistant Manager, Morioka Department of Emergency Management
    Date and Time: 14th January 2012 (Sat), 13:00-15:00
    Place: Aiina 6F Conference Room 602
(2) The Amended Immigration System
    Speaker: Masaru Yokoyama -Notary Public
    Date and Time: 21st January 2012 (Sat), 13:00-15:00
    Place: Aiina 6F Group Activity Room 3
(3) Interpretation Training - the Skill of Conveying Information Correctly
    Speaker: Hiroko Kawada -Interpreter and Translator
    Date and Time: 29th January 2012 (Sun), 13:00-15:00
    Place: Aiina 5F Conference Room 501
(4) Regional Systems
    Speaker: Yoshiko Numata -Department Chief, Morioka Department of Regional Welfare
    Date and Time: 4th February 2012 (Sat), 13:00-15:00
    Place: Aiina 5F Meeting Room
(5) Necessary Systems for Daily Life (tax, health, etc.)
    Speaker: Naomi Yoshida -Senior Chief, NPO Iwate Seikatsusha Support Center
    Date and Time: 18th February 2012 (Sat), 13:00-15:00
    Place: Aiina 6F  Group Activity Room 2

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