NPO Festival 2011

Host: Morioka NPO Network

2011.09.11 (Sun)   9:00~15:00  Place: In front of the KitaNihon Bank, Hotline Sakana-cho, Morioka

It's time again for this year's NPO Festival at Hotline Sakana-cho!
This is an event to introduce you to the various civilian, community building and volunteer works while having a lot of fun. So please come along and join us!

□ Date and Time : 11th September (Sun) 10:00~14:00
□ Place : In front of the Kita Nihon Bank in Hotline Sakana-cho
□ Event Details :

● Hands-on Corner 10:00~11:30
   ・Let's make a puzzle box from milk cartons!
   ・Let's make some old-fashioned toys!
   ・Let's play old-fashioned games!
   ・Casual, free consultation
   ・Rediscovering Morioka's Charm Tour with a local tour guide
   ・Try new sports
   ・Take a walk around the Morioka Castle Site Parkl with a tree doctor!
   ・Let's make Bunbun-goma and send them to children in Ethiopia!
   ・Try Loquat Heat Therapy
● Charity Sales 10:00~until sold out
   ・Iwate Tubasa Association
   ・Iwate Unicef Association
   ・Participation Planning Iwate
   ・Parent-child Learning Sunflower School
● Let's all dance together! Sansa Odori 13:40~14:00

★ Panel Exhibition ★
1st September (Wed)~9th (Fri)9:00~15:00
  Place: Kita Nihon Bank, Sakana-cho branch
  Introducing the NPOs working within the city

For more details, please visit Morioka NPO Network's Homepage

■ Inquiries
  Morioka NPO Network 
  TEL 050-7574-7674  FAX 019-651-0646