3rd Disaster Study Group

Host:Disaster Study Group、Iwate University disaster prevention research center

2018.02.02 (Fri)   ・3(Saturday) 

First Day

2 February 2(Friday)13:00~18:00

<Poster session>13:00~14:30
Avenue:E23 class room、Before the Kita Kiri Hall
Due date:2018 January 15

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<Study Group>15:00~17:50
1.「Disaster Culture」Explaination:Tokutomi Saito(Iwate Prefecture Tsunami Reconstruction Committee · General Planning Special Committee Chairperson)
2.Lecture「Disaster seen by photo journalist~Kumamoto、Touhoku、Globally」
        Lectuer:Yasuda Noritsuki(Photo journalist)
3.Panel discussion:Think about 'disaster culture' with language and culture.| 〇 |Panelists|
Masao Ohno (Iwate University)~From a point of view
Sanae Kumamoto (Iwate Prefectural University)~From the standpoint of eco-criticism
Naoki Sakano (Iwate University)~From the standpoint of English literature
Coordinator/Yamazaki Kenji 

4.Notice of 2nd day round trip by Nobuyuki Tanaka, Mr. Kenji Yamazaki (Iwate University)
5.Closing  Toshio Hatsuzawa (Fukushima University)

<Yasuda Noritsuki Introduction・Answer questions>
<Information / opinion exchange meeting>18:10~19:10
Avenue :Iwate University Restaurant ゛Resturant Kenji″
Fee :1,500yen(cake・coffee,etc)

2nd day

February 3(Saturday)8:30~18:00
Destination / monument of Shimizu Peninsula's Miyako Peninsula, Miyako City Reconstruction of Shigeru fishermen's co-op (Explanation of Shigemo Fisher co-Ito association chief)
Meeting place : Infront of Iwate University library
Guide / Mr. Tanaka Tanaka · Mr. Kenji Yamazaki (Iwate University)

About registration
〇Poster Section:Please register as early ASAP。(Due January 15)
〇Study Group:Registration is not needed。Free
〇Information / opinion exchange meeting:Accepting registration on event day.
〇Tour reporting:Free。Registration is needed. Limited 20 person.
 Registration:Yamazaki Tomoko (Iwate University)
 ※When applying, name and affiliation. Please fill in the items you wish to participate / contact method (We might be contacting you if you apply for Tour reporting).

Grant: This workshop is subsidized by JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research 17K12609, 17K01222.