Iwate International Association

2018 International Fair Trade day in Iwate

Host: Iwate International Association、international Exchange Center、Environmental study center、JICA Touhoku

2018.05.19 (Sat)   10:00~16:00(For movie only 9:30~) /Venue:AIINA 5F International Association、Environmental study center

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May is world fair trade day。
Also, every year`s may `s 2nd Saturday is the day to appeal fair trade.

Environment×Fair trade×International Coop
~Start living「Ethical」?~

◇Time : 2018 May 19(Saturday) 10:00~16:00
◇Venue : AIINA 5F International Association、Environmental Study Center

◇Program :

●●●Tea time and Coffee time●●●
Enjoy tea and coffee while learn more about fair trade?
Nick from England will introduce us more about fair trade of tea in England
Also student from Nepal will introduce us about fair trade of coffee in Nepal。

Time :Tea time:13:00-13:30、 Coffee time:14:00-14:30
Venue :5F International Association
  ※Test drink available
●●●Flower Arrangement Experience●●●
Why don`t you try out Flower arrangement with rose from fair trade of Kenya?
Time :13:30~
Venue :5F International Association
limited :10pax ※Please register in advance。Registration due: May 8(But、if limit is not reached、registration after due date may be approved)
Fee :Ingredients (approx 1,000yen)

●●●Movie『The true Cost, Fast Fashion, True Price』 ●●●
2013 April 24、Bangladesh building fabric maker in Dhaka collapse and 1100 lives lost.
The movie『The true Cost, Fast Fashion, True Price』was inspired by this tragic。
To reveal the truth behind such gorgeous in the fashion industry、considering humanity and environment、
let`s rethink the true value of fashion
After the movie has been aired、it has been noticed by volunteers in iwate and approached to know more about overseas working environment.

Time  :9:30~12:00 Movie airing
Venue :5F Meeting room 501
Limited :70pax ※Please register in advance at the association
Fee  :Free

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●●●Workshop「SDGs 」step foward with SDG●●●
The united nations is now moving forward to create a world that has no inequality, poverty and environmental
friendly along with 17 other fields of subject of problems we are facing right now.~
SDGs which is also linked to fair trade, sworn to create a better environment for us to live in by completing 17 different fields of problem.
This is a workshop to let you realize how important every single individual`s commitment.

Time :12:00~12:45
Venue :5F Meeting room
Limited :15Pax ※Please register in advance at the association
Requirement :High^schooler or above、Regular
Fee :Free

●●●Eco-craft experience●●●
Let`s make some eco craft which is good for us and the environment
①Eco craft international association
②Making fower charm in environmental study association
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●●●Charity fair trade cafe●●●
We provide fair trade`s coffee and tea. 100yen for each cup which will be donated as charity
As for our beloved members, we`ve prepared some present for you! Just show your member ID card to us.~

●●●Fair trade shop ●●●
We selling goods of fair trade, please come and look around♪

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