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2018 Recruiting new member ! New member campaign! (Until late June)

  Uploaded April 1st

To all the new members that joined us during 2018 April 1~late June
we have a very special present for you!

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Membership form

We are looking for more new members to support our event and growth of Iwate International Association
The fund received from membership will be used to further expand international relationship and culture within prefecture.

●Yearly Fee●
 1. Personal:   3,000yen
 2. Student:   1,000yen
 3. Group:  10,000yen
※This will be the fee for a year.

●Member Special●
1.Will receive monthly magazine from us
2.We will provide the fastest service for our members
3.Discount on some event`s registration fee
4.Able to receive service from some Ethnic store
5.Able to receive service from some travel agent
6.Benefits from tax。
  (400 yen will be charges for tax for personal registration)

●Registration method●
「Fill the member form」、send to us by post、FAX, Email、
or bring it to our counter.
After that、we will send you the 「Transaction Form」、please use it to pay for membership

For more info、FAQ - Membership・Post

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