Iwate International Association

Multilingual supporter during disaster  

Host: Iwate International Association

2018.11.04 (Sun)   Morioka/ Time:12:30~14:00、Venue:AIINA group activity room 1 
Kamaishi/ Time:13:30~15:00/Venue:Kamaishi Public hall B

This is a lecture to learn English to help foreigners to evacuate during disaster and problem solving.
Learn English that might be used or helpful during disaster with native English teacher.

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English lecture Morioka
◇Time: Same fro both day 12:30~14:00
◇Venue: AIINA 6F Group Activity room 1
◇Limited: 25pax
◇Lecture level: Eiken test level Pre-1※
◇Date : 2018 June 17(Sun)
 2018 July 22(Sun)
 2018 August 19(Sun)
 2018 September 9(Sun)
 2018 October 14(Sun)
 2018 November 4(Sun)
English lecture Kamaishi
◇Time: Same for both day 13:30~15:00
◇Limited: 25pax
◇English level: Eiken test level 2~Pre-2 ※
◇Venue and date: 2018 May 27(Sun) @Kamaishi public hall B
 2018 July 8(Sun)@Kamaishi PIT
2018 August 26(Sun)@Kamaishi PIT
 2018 September 30(Sun)@Kamaishi Public info exchange center meeting room 1,2
 2018 October 28(Sun)@Kamaishi Public info exchange center meeting room 1,2
 2018 November 18(Sun)@Kamaishi Public info exchange center meeting room 1,2

※Eiken test requirement is not needed to join

◇Fee: Free
◇Requirement: Those who are either
      ① registered as 「Iwate International supporters」
      ② working with foreigners.
      ③ wants to help foreigners with English during disaster

◇Registration: Please register using FAX or mail to Iwate International Association, or register at our counter
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Iwate International Association
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