Tagalog language beginner lecture & free talk

Host :Kanegasaki International Association(Kifa)

2018.06.09 (Sat)   14:00~16:00

What is Tagalog?
I`ve never heard of that language before!
If you are having the same question right now, you should join us!

◇Date:June 9(Sat)14:00-16:00
◇Venue: Kanegasaki central life-long education center 1st meeting room
◇Fee:500yen(300yen if member)

◇Content:What kind of country is Philippine?
    Beginner communication:Greetings、Basic essay、Ask for road、and other daily communication
    Tea time(Free talk):Have some general talk while enjoying some tea!

◇Lecturer・Guest: Philippine that lives in Kanegasaki

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