"Tips to learn English is to enjoy it" English conversation classroom

Host : Morioka Goodwill Guides

  Every Wednesday 3 pm - 5 pm, 6 pm - 8 p.m. (2 hours)

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◇ Date and time: Either Wednesday 3 o'clock 5 p.m. or 6 pm - 8 p.m. (2 hours)
◇ Place: Iwate Prefectural Public Information Exchange Center Aina 5 th Floor Language Corner
◇ Participation fee: 750 yen each time (free to observe)
◇ Lecturer: Ichijo Shoko, Akira Fujino
◇ Target: higher-school student or higher, beginner-intermediate level
Rules, frequently used words, frequently used expressions, we will be practicing on how to use them efficiently in two hours.
We use NHK teaching materials to let you get used to "expressions often used" in English.
We are currently recruiting for members as well.
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TEL: 080-1681-8706
Email: spx75ks(○)wine.ocn.ne.jp(Convert ○to@.)