Taiwan Friendship Concert in Noda

Host : Noda-mura Culture Sports Project Executive Committee

2018.07.21 (Sat)   Entry : 15: 30, opening: 16: 00, Venue : Noda-mura gymnasium

After the earthquake, our elementary school received lots of musical instrument from Taiwan,
and we had a performance together, after that, it will be some program full of sign of the friendship between Noda and Taiwan.
Entry is free, so come and join us!

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◇ Date and time:Saturday, July 21, 2018 opening: 15: 30, opening: 16: 00
◇ Place:Noda village gymnasium (028-8201 Noda-mura Noda-mura Kudo-gun, 20-14)
◇ Cast: Changhua Municipal Orchestra Shinchi (Tampa)
Shiodai City Love tube strings 【Taiwan】
Kantan tube 【Taiwan】
Noda elementary and junior high school brass band
Noda Creative drum others

■ Inquiries
Noda-mura Culture Sports Project Executive Committee
Iwate Prefecture Kudo-gun Noda-mura Oji Noda 20-14
Noda village Board of Education Secretariat
Tel: 0194-78-2936