Dispatching international students of Iwate prefectural university!

Host:Iwate Prefectural University


Iwate Prefectural University, international students are dispatched to international exchange events and international understanding promotion projects organized by various organizations, We support exchange activities and international understanding activities.
Please make use of our international students for international exchange activities etc.

◇ ◇Working content:
International exchange projects and international understanding promotion projects are eligible for dispatch.
【Example to be dispatched】 · Introduction of homeland culture at international exchange event · Foreigner monitor tour
Requests from individuals are not taken into consideration.
In addition, please acknowledge being subject to refusal depending on the requested content.

◇ ◇Expenses burden such as travel expenses and rewards and subscription to insurance:
· Travel expenses for dispatching will be borne by the dispatch request organization in principle. Furthermore,
since many international students often do not know the meeting place, the meeting place will be well known area
(Eg Morioka station), or we may ask you to arrange a transfer to our school.
· For honoraria, follow the criteria of the requesting organization.
· When dispatching, please ask insurance for international students etc. From the corresponding responsible organization.
· In case of self-payment of international students . Please do not make it excessive.

◇ ◇Dispatch schedule
It should be a schedule that does not interfere with international student 's study.
Since we will give priority to studies when the dispatch request time overlaps with international student's lesson or research activities, so
please consult us once before the opening date and contents are decided.

◇◇Number of international students and native country
The number of foreign students enrolled in our university is fewer than 20, mostly from Asia.
(International students from China consist of a large proportion.)
There are only few students from English-speaking countries or Western countries, so we may not be able
to respond to the request from students regarding on certain specification

◇◇About Japanese language ability
Some international students arrived in Japan recently, which is why their Japanese proficiency is not sufficient, so
the organization will prepare interpreter as requested .

◇◇Procedure for dispatch request
As for dispatch request, consult in advance by phone, etc and prepare necessary information before the dispatch date
Please fill in and apply to Iwate prefectural University including contents of dispatch request, international student etc.
We will contact you after checking the status of (The form is posted on our website.)

★ For details, please check our website.
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