Elementary school new curriculum guidelines, what to address in the first year of transition

Host: Kitakami City International Association

2018.08.11 (Sat)   Starting at 13:30 on Saturday

In 2018 (one company) Kitakami International Association for the purpose of promoting the full
implementation of foreign language education at elementary school in 2020 (early realization of
foreign language education for third and fourth grade students, curriculum of fifth and sixth
graders) As a project that can contribute to the local education site, as well as school
teachers, those who had previously been responsible for teaching English, and those who used
the English as a means of work, "Elementary School Foreign Languages Educational Coordinator
Training Project "to develop business in order to contribute to the improvement of regional
education. Among them, as a part of elementary school foreign language education training course,
we invite Mrs. Yuuko Noyama and hold a lecture meeting. In 2020, as a lecturer at the
Kitakami City Education Board of Education Committee Designated School Public Study Group
at Kitakami Municipal Kuroshito Rimbukubi Elementary School, she came to Kitakami and got very popular.

◇ Date and time:Saturday, August 11, 2018 13: 30
◇ Place:Japan contemporary poetry literature auditorium
◇ Lecturer:Yuuko Noyama: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Ministry of Education,
National Institute for Educational Policy Research Institute Curriculum Research Center Curriculum Research Investigator

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