Enjoy Mamemaki Day@Hiraizumi

Organizer: Iwate Hiraizumi Guides and Interpreters Association (IHIGA)

2011.02.03 (Thu)   11:00~13:00  Venue: Chusonji-Temple (Hiraizumi)

On February 3rd, Japanese traditional Mamemaki (bean-throwing ceremony) will be held at Chusonji-Temple in Hiraizumi, Iwate.
A very popular SUMO wrestler, Takamisakari will participate in the ceremony.

Iwate Hiraizumi Guides and Interpreters Association (IHIGA) will show you inside of the temple complex and explain Japanese tradition in English (Chinese) with low price.

Why don't you enjoy traditional“Mamemaki”with us?
*Please be reminded that there is a possibility that we cannot offer Chinese service due to the shortage of certified Chinese guides in Iwate.

□ Date & Time:Feb. 3rd 11:00-13:00 (Approx. 2hrs) 
 ※Ceremony will start from 12:30 at Main Hall.
□ Meeting Place:Entrance of Tsukimeizaka slope. 11:00
□ Language:English & Chinese (there is a possibility that Chinese Guides will be canceled.)
□ Fee:1000yen/person (500yen/student. Please show a student identification card when you pay.)
 ※You have to buy 800yen ticket for the entrance of Sankozo Museum and Golden temple.
□ Intended Participants:Foreigners. Japanese who are interested in foreign language guiding.
□ Application:Please send email to the following address by February 2.
 ※Participation without application is possible, but please come to the meeting place on time.

■ Contact
  Iwate Hiraizumi Guides and Interpreters Association (IHIGA)
  Email (Ms.Hosoya)