International Sightseeing Staff - Regional Interpretors and Guides Trainging Course ~You, too, can be a guide in Iwate!

Host:Iwate Hiraizumi Interpretors and Guides Association

2011.07.23 (Sat)

This practical course will be given by actively working Interpreting Guides, who will introduce all the geography, history, culture and language (English, Chinese and Korean) related to being an Interpreting Guide in Iwate.

□ Date and Time: 23rd July 2011 (Saturday)
 AM course 10:00~12:00(Foreign Langauge)、PM course 1:00~4:00(Iwate's geography, history and culture)
□ Venue: 5F and 6F Seminar Rooms(JR Morioka Station West Exit)
□ Lecturers: Interpreting Guides
□ For: anyone interested in interpreting or interpreting guides
□ Course Fee: Either AM or PM course 2000yen, 
 Both AM and PM course 3000yen (Materials cost is included. Please bring materials on the day)
□ How to apply: Please fill in your details below and fax/email them to us.
 Or please ring us to make your booking.
□ Application Deadline: 18th July 2011 (Monday)
□ Seats available: 40

■ Applications
  Iwate Hiraizumi Interpretors and Guides Association
  Application Hours:10:00am - 4:00pm (except Mondays)
  TEL 0191-46-5710  FAX 0191-46-3518
  Email info.ihiga@iwate-guide.sakura.ne.jp

 ● 「Application Form」 (2011「International Sightseeing Staff - Regional Interpretors and Guides Trainging Course」)
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※   Course Subjects(please circle): English ・ Chinese ・ Korean ・ Geography ・ History ・ Culture
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  so please be sure to check your details.
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