International Exchange and Cooperation -Teaching Japanese

The number of foreign residents in Iwate has been increasing, as well as the need for Japanese language education. Recognizing this need, the Iwate International Association undertook Japanese language education activities in 1995, developing Japanese teaching volunteers and creating language classes.japanese-study-here.png

■Japanese Language Supporter: Japanese education for those wanting to study

The Japanese Language Supporter program is run on a registration system by the Iwate International Association.
If you would like to become a Japanese Language Supporter, please see this page. (in Japanese)

■Aiina International Exchange Center

■A Place to Study

The Japanese Teaching Material Room and Japanese Study Corner are available in the International Exchange Center on the 5th floor of Iwate Prefecture Citizen's Cultural Exchange Center (Aiina).
These rooms are available for people who want to study Japanese or for preparing Japanese teaching materials.

Please use these areas for your Japanese study, preparing of materials, and for meeting.

■Japanese Materials

Materials for Japanese study are available in the International Exchange Center.
There are also Japanese language texts, teaching materials, videos, and tapes available to borrow or view.

For more details, ask at the International Exchange Center window on the 5th floor of Aiina.

A partial list of Japanese materials is located here.

■Tests Related to the Japanese Language

■Tests for Teachers of Japanese

  1. Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test → Japanese Educational Exchanges Service

■Tests for Students of Japanese

  1. Japanese Language Proficiency Test → Japanese Educational Exchanges Service
  2. Business Japanese Proficiency Test → The Japanese Kanji Aptitude Testing Foundation
  3. J.Test of Practical Japanese → Association for Testing Japanese / J.Test Office

■Links to Japanese Language Education Organizations

  1. The Japan Foundation
  2. The Chinese Returnees’Support Center
  3. The Japan Forum
  4. Association for Japanese Language Teaching
  5. Tokyo Nihongo Volunteer Network
  6. The National Institute for Japanese Language

■Applications and Inquiries

Iwate International Association
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Morioka, Iwate 020-0045
Inquiry by phone or email ⇒ Contact