2019 World Fair Trade Day in Iwate

Organized by : Iwate International Association、
Co-organized by:Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Tohoku Center

2019.05.11 (Sat)   14:00-15:30 /Venue: Aiina 5F Iwate International Association

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Every year's second Saturday of May is a day to appeal for Fair Trade around the world。
In fact, May is World Fair Trade Month.

Movie screening×Mini workshop
~What's beyond your support?~
「Poverty Inc.」, a movie that makes you think on ideal ways to support developing countries.
In order to deepen our understanding of the movie, we will provide a mini-lecture before the movie screening.

◇Date and time: 2019,May 11(Sat) 15:30~18:15
◇Venue: Iwate Prefecture Citizen's Cultural Exchange Center (Aiina) 5F International Exchange Center and 4F Studio Aiina
◇Capacity: 40
◇Fee: Free of charge

◇Program :

●●●Mini Workshop「What does "support" mean?」●●●
Facilitator:Ms. Anbo Kuniko

Venue:(First half) Aiina 5F International Exchange Center

Is what you think is support really in their best wishes?
What you don't see might be hurting them.
It may even be causing further problems.
Let's rethink "support" through this workshop.
While enjoying some Fair Trade coffee and sweets.
※Everybody is welcome to participate while enjoying some Fair Trade coffee and sweets.

●●●Movie「Poverty Inc.」screening●●●
Is The Poverty Aid a big business?

Venue:(Second half) Aiina 4F Studio Aiina
"Let's reach out to the impoverished." "They are helpless and can not do anything."~
The development of developing countries for-profit has been carried out capturing this such an image,
becoming now a huge industry with billions of dollars. With most of the aid activities failing and~ even causing damage to the ability and power that the recipient of the aid originally has.
What problems does our "Support" bring? What is the correct way of support?
A documentary that conveys the voices of people who are being supported at that time, mainly from Haiti and Africa.
※Aiina 5F Environmental Studies Center holds a Fair Trade quiz rally and an exhibition on Child Labor.

★There won't be Fair Trade goods on sale.

Iwate International Association
Aiina 5F, International Exchange Center
Morioka ekinishidori 1-7-1, Morioka Iwate 020-0045
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